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All About Science Camp.


OCBSA Outdoor Adventures has provided stellar academic programs at the Newport Sea Base, and its Outdoor Science School at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, for over ten years. Now to deliver that same quality program to more students, we are inaugurating a new Outdoor Science School at Oso Lake. The goal is to provide an Outdoor Science School that is within reach of all students, regardless of socio-economic background. We firmly believe that science camp is an essential learning experience, and no student should miss out! We hope you join us for our inaugural season as we begin a new chapter in our 100-year history of serving youth.


Schools have two options when it comes to science programs: the Pioneer Science Program or the Science Adventure Program. The Pioneer Science Program focuses on the early pioneers and the scientific principles that helped them survive in the wilderness. This program is designed to teach students about the natural environment and how to live in harmony with it. The Science Adventure Program, on the other hand, is more hands-on and interactive, allowing students to explore science concepts through outdoor activities and experiments. Both programs offer a unique and engaging way for students to learn about science and the natural world. Schools can choose the program that best suits their curriculum and educational goals.

We offer two trip duration options, a two-day, one-night, and a three-day, two-night program.  The unique location of our property allows students to become fully immersed in the program and natural surroundings.

Join over 200,000 happy campers!

We've served over 200,000 campers since the start of our first Outdoor Science School at the IROEC, and we are excited to continue and expand that tradition at Oso Lake

Youth Protection

Our staff is State, FBI, and BSA background checked and mandated reporter trained. We maintain a 1:16 program ratio for camper safety. 

Personalized Program

One size does not fit all! Choose the program that best fits the needs of your class. 

Single School Focused

We limit attendance to one school per session to ensure delivery of the highest quality program. 

What is the Adventure Science Program?

The Adventure Science Program at Oso Lake is an exciting and educational program designed for students who have a keen interest in science and a sense of adventure. Adventure Science Camp offers a unique blend of outdoor activities and science education, making it an ideal option for students who want to explore the natural world while learning about scientific concepts.

During the camp, campers participate in a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and team-building exercises, all while learning about topics such as ecology, biology, and astronomy. The program is designed to be hands-on and interactive, allowing campers to engage with science in a fun and engaging way.

The Adventure Science Program at Oso Lake is an exceptional opportunity for students to discover the wonders of science while having an unforgettable outdoor adventure experience. It is the perfect place for curious young minds to explore, learn, and have fun in a beautiful and natural setting.

What is the Pioneer Science Program?

The Pioneer Science Program is an educational program that provides students with an immersive and hands-on learning experience in both the history of pioneer settlers, outdoor skills, and the field of science. The program is designed to bring these subjects to life through a combination of experiential learning, interactive activities, and an immersive setting. For example, campers might learn about the history of pioneer settlers by making cobbler or other foods using traditional methods, or learning about the challenges and rewards of homesteading. In addition, the camp provides opportunities for campers to engage in scientific exploration, such as observing and identifying local flora and fauna, conducting experiments, or studying the stars and planets through a telescope. The camp was created with the goal of inspiring a love of learning in students and promoting an appreciation for both the history of pioneer settlers and the field of science. By combining these two subjects in an engaging and interactive way, the camp provides a unique and memorable learning experience for students.

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